Research Topics

Advice-taking and decision-making capacity

We all have some insight about what we (dis)like and about what defines us as an individual. Yet when we are placed in a (social) environment these preferences may change. I work together with legal and clinical experts on the Mental Health and Justice collaboration project to better understand how the ‘use or weigh’ requirement of the Mental Capacity Act relates to the dilemma ‘who to trust’. 

Cultural heritage of metacognition

In a collaboration project between Peking University in Beijing and University College London, I used computational modelling to isolate cultural elements of metacognition (‘thinking about thinking’). You can read the results of this project here.

Certainty frames in social media

What happens when we perceive societal issues through the lens of overconfidence? Across three experiments on over 2,000 Dutch voting citizens I tested this in a collaboration project between Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour at Radboud University and the Department of Public Administration at University of Twente.

Computational basis of money laundering

Billions of dollars are obtained through illegal activities in the United States annually and laundered to make the money appear to have come from legitimate sources. In this project, I collaborate with researchers at Yale University to understand how people make decisions to accept money obtained through harmful activities.

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